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Model Weight Magnet Voltage Max Magnet Power Min Hydraulic Flow Hydraulic Pressure
  (kg) (VDC) (kW) (l/min) (bar)
HMG PRO 3kW 34 220 3 21 200
HMG PRO 6kW 52 220 5.5 32 160
HMG PRO 10kW 74 220 9.1 44 215
HMG PRO 15kW 76 220 14.5 68 230
HMG PRO 20kW 114 220 19.5 100 180
HMG PRO 30kW 190 220 29.5 112 230
HMG PRO 40kW 190 220 39.5 112 300

Hydraulic Magnet Generators

High performance, compact design

Our hydraulic-driven magnet generators provide a stable and reliable source of electricity for any lifting magnet. A complete turnkey package when coupled with our priority valve system, which ensures a stable electrical current is sent to the magnet. Guaranteed to increase your productivity with the world’s fastest demagnetising time of 0.8 seconds when combined with one of our lifting magnets.


  • The magnet generator can be installed anywhere on the machine, because it operates with a compact hydraulic motor instead of a belt drive.
  • A patented RPM control valve ensures constant power frequency irrelevant to hydraulic flow.
  • Compact design with the world’s best power-tosize ratio.
  • Reliable and durable construction with weatherproof housing making it possible to mount anywhere on the vehicle or equipment.
  • Ideal power source for any lifting magnet.
  • World’s fastest demagnetising time of 0.8 seconds.
  • Maintenance-free reduces operational costs and downtime.
  • Can be controlled either electrically or hydraulically via a remote mounted switch.
  • Suitable for any hydraulic system provided it meets the minimum flow and pressure requirements.
  • Digital screen to provide generator operating status.
  • Rubber mounted generator to absorb vibrations.


  • Wireless control display.
  • Wiring kits for cabin controller.
  • Magnet cable kits.
  • Additional auxiliary power outlets.

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