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Model Weight Max Air Flow Max Air Pressure Min Hydraulic Flow Hydraulic Cooling Requirement
  (kg) (cfm) (psi) (l/min) (kW)
HKR-500 43 18 145 19 4
HKR-600 43 21 218 16 5
HKR-800 43 28 145 21 6
HKR-1300 74 46 145 27 7
HKR-2000 74 711 145 30 11
HKR-2500 74 88 145 35 13
HKR-4000 137 140 145 55 22
HKR-5000 137 175 145 60 27
HKR-7500 270 265 145 70 40
HKR-11000 377 390 145 115 -

Hydraulic Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Our range of extremely compact hydraulic rotary screw air compressors boasts the world’s best power-to-size ratio and is designed for demanding 24/7 applications. Replace large and heavy outdated air compressors with a state-of-the-art solution that is guaranteed to improve performance and reliability. The fully integrated cooling system removes additional components and greatly improves reliability and efficiency.


  • Compact design with the world’s best power-to-size ratio.
  • Driven by hydraulics means the compressor can be installed practically anywhere.
  • A fraction of the weight and size compared to traditional larger piston compressors means that installation and servicing is a lot easier.
  • 100% duty - these compressors are designed to operate at full capacity 24/7 without let up.
  • German designed and manufactured air end with the highest level of manufacturing quality.
  • The patented rotor design results in extremely efficient operation using up to 20% less power than alternatives.
  • The air compressor transfers any heat to the hydraulic system removing the need for any additional cooling equipment. There is also no cleaning required for the compressor cooler.
  • A silent hydraulic motor fully integrated into the hydraulic rotary-screw compressor.
  • The Dynaset silent hydraulic motors are designed to produce a sound level that is not only significantly lower, but also with an improved sound structure and frequency level which results in the motor almost sounding silent. The better sound characteristics drastically improve the working environment and user ergonomics.
  • The silent hydraulic motors are designed to be more efficient and durable with less mechanical friction and a lower operating temperature.
  • The hydraulic motor’s shaft seal is designed for higher pressure endurance.
  • Simple and accessible service components.


  • High-capacity cyclone air intake filters.
  • Over-temperature cut off switch.
  • Air/water separator filters.
  • Compressed air reservoirs.
  • Compressed air aftercooler.
  • Additional hose reels and accessories.
  • Hydraulic installation valves.

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