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Model Weight Frequency Max Vibration Force Piston Displacement Max Hydraulic Flow
  (kg) (Hz) (kN) (cm3) (l/min)
HVB-350/9 13 30 - 9 40
HVB-350/18 13 23 - 18 60
HVB-350/27 13 19 - 27 80
HVD-18/55 13 55 18 - 24
HVD-70/35 40 35 70 - 100

Hydraulic Vibration Technology

Our hydraulic vibration units give you a competitive edge by enhancing the performance of the base machine. Used in bucket emptying, soil compacting, asphalt cutting and pile driving, the vibration device can triple the impact of the base machine. This patented technology allows us to help contractors and machinery operators increase their productivity without compromising reliability.


  • Boosts the performance of an excavator cost effectively without compromising reliability.
  • Improves efficient working with a smaller excavator.
  • Allows a compact excavator to perform equally well as a larger excavator.
  • Diversifies the use of an excavator in different applications.
  • Works easily by the push of a joystick’s button.
  • HVB is connected directly into the hydraulic cylinder and sends a pulse of hydraulic fluid, making the cylinder vibrate in the desired motion.
  • HVD is a standalone, directional vibrating unit that can be mounted onto any piece of machinery to make it vibrate.


  • Flow limiting valves.
  • Solenoid valve with oil flow limiter.
  • Additional specialised models available.

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