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Model Weight Welding Current Welding Voltage Auxiliary Output Current Min Hydraulic Flow
  (kg) (ADC) (VDC) (A - 230/400V) (l/min)
HWG-180 51 40 - 180 21.5 - 28.8 13 / 8.7 36
HWG-220 52 30 - 220 21.5 - 28.8 13 / 8.7 51
HWG-300 92 40 - 300 21.5 - 32 17.4 / 14.4 56
HWG-400 132 30 - 400 22 - 36 17.4 / 14.4 81

Hydraulic Welders

Our hydraulic welding generators boast the best power-to-size ratio out of suppliers worldwide. High-quality welding current from 180A up to 400A with the guarantee of easy installation and operation, these units make light work of demanding tasks for all contractors and other users. A new generation of hydraulic motors makes for even more efficient operation and dramatically reduces sound levels, making for a pleasant experience for extended use intervals.


  • The ultra-compact design ensures easy installation and saves valuable space on the parent machine.
  • Ability to install on any type of machinery with a hydraulic system.
  • The reliable and maintenance-free design ensures downtime is reduced to a minimum.
  • Eliminates the need to move heavy engine driven generators around the site and the need to carry hazardous fuel containers.
  • State-of-the-art hydraulic motors ensure continuous quiet operation.
  • Auxiliary power outlets in single and three phase.
  • Heavy duty twin poll coils.
  • Automatic welding current control maintains continuous current.
  • The automatic voltage regulator (AVR) maintains the voltage at a steady level in accordance with international standards.
  • Built-in residual current device and safety earth leakage relay protects users from electrocution.
  • Circuit overload protection to prevent overheating and damage to the generator


  • Installation valves.
  • Pressure relief valve for RPM-control cartridge.

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