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Model Weight Max Water Flow Max Water Pressure Max Hydraulic Flow
  (kg) (l/min) (psi) (l/min)
PPL-250 69 30 3,650 50
PPL-220 72 50 3,200 50
PPL-180 73 90 2,600 50
PPL-460 85 50 6,650 100

Pipe Cleaning Systems

Our hydraulic pipe cleaning unit is a great machine for cleaning and flushing pipes and sewers. High-pressure water is pumped through the hose and jets from the special nozzle propel it through the pipe. After use, the hose can be hydraulically rewound onto the hose reel. Capable of 100m horizontal and 20m vertical effective cleaning lengths.


  • The pipe cleaning unit provides effective washing length up to 100 meters horizontally and 20 meters vertically.
  • Compact all-in-one unit takes minimal space from a vehicle and saves space for other uses.
  • Hydraulically operated hose reel.
  • Unreeling the hose is easy due to the free reel rotation. The reel can be locked hydraulically in any position.
  • The rotation speed of the hose reel can be changed by adjusting the hydraulic flow that rotates the reel motor.
  • Ultra-compact design boasting the world’s best power-to-size and power-to-weight ratio for any high-pressure water pump.
  • No rotating parts improves reliability and removes the need for separate lubrication or cooling.
  • Cooled and lubricated by the hydraulic fluid making it safe to run dry for an unlimited length of time.
  • Can be used with sea water provided fresh water is run through afterwards.
  • A patented piston-to-piston design removes any rotating parts and greatly increases reliability.
  • Ultra-low maintenance design with only one wearing seal.
  • Constructed from high grade materials making the pump robust and reliable.
  • Built in adjustable unloader valve with a pressure gauge.
  • Linear water flow adjustable from 0% - 100% by controlling the hydraulic flow.
  • Self-priming up to 3m.
  • Lower water consumption than traditional water pumps.


  • Hydraulic or electronic hose reel control.
  • Remote control for electronic functions.
  • Retractable hose reel with washing lance.
  • Suction hose kit with water filter.
  • Hydraulic installation valves.

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