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Model Weight Working Width Water Tank Water Flow Water Pressure
  kg mm l l/min bar / psi
KPL-S-250 80 1,250 270 30 250 / 3650
KPL-M-250 212 1,650 540 30 250 / 3650
KPL-L-250 215 1,650 810 30 250 / 3650
KPL-L-220 225 1,850 810 50 220 / 3,200
KPL-XL-220 302 2,200 1,080 50 220 / 3,200
KPL-XL-180 312 2,200 1,080 90 180 / 2,600

Street Washers

For an all-in-one deep clean

Increase your capabilities and productivity by using our state-of-the-art high pressure street washers. High-pressure water digs dust and sand out from the pores in asphalt, concrete and similar surfaces. Compact size, lightweight and low water consumption make our unit a cost-saving and work efficient solution.


  • Deep cleans surfaces by using high-pressure water which digs dirt and dust out from the pores in asphalt, concrete and similar surfaces. This way the surface will not emit dust after drying.
  • Eliminates dust when cleaning, reducing hazards for the worker and public.
  • Low water consumption increases productivity by reducing the time spent filling water tanks.
  • Water pressure is generated through our world renowned hydraulic high-pressure water pumps.
  • Control of water flow and pressure from 0% - 100% gives greater flexibility to the range applications.
  • Easily operated from within the vehicle cabin with a clear field of view • Moving washing head giving control of the direction of cleaning.
  • Includes a washing gun for handheld cleaning.
  • An all-in-one compact and lightweight design saves space and time.


  • Alternative configurations for trucks, water carts, tractors and loaders.
  • Models without water tanks or remotely mounted tanks.
  • Custom manufactured quick hitches to suit.

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