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Model Weight Max Air Flow Max Air Pressure Voltage Max Current
  (kg) (cfm) (psi) (V) (A)
TBS-60-12 30 15 200 12 190
TBS-60-24 30 15 200 24 110

Battery Air Compressors

Replace traditional gas or diesel-powered air compressors with our compact battery-powered solution. Removing exhaust fumes, engine noise and fuel containers from your work environment makes for a much safer operation. These compressors are an ideal solution for service fleets looking to maximise their efficiencies.


  • No exhaust fumes - our air compressors are powered by clean DC electrical energy. Compressors that run on gasoline or diesel engines produce exhaust fumes emitted into the atmosphere. In close quarters these emissions pose a health hazard.
  • Non-polluting - gasoline engines not only produce harmful exhaust emissions, but their fuel and oil can also pollute the environment. Compressors that run on gas-powered engines require frequent refuelling, which means carrying gas containers on the job. Fuel spills and oil changes can contaminate soil and cause pollution.
  • Low noise - the irritating noise caused by a loud engine exhaust disrupts the serenity of quiet neighbourhoods, often resulting in complaints from residences and businesses. The sound emitted by our compressors is limited to the whirl of the DC electric motor and the subdued flutter of the compressor pistons and valves.
  • Low maintenance - by using a maintenance-free electric motor there is no engine to maintain. No fuel filters to replace, no spark plugs to replace and no carburettor to adjust.
  • 12-volt or 24-volt high performance industrial motor.
  • 100% duty air compressor.
  • Low voltage cut-off technology turns the compressor off if the voltage drops to protect the motor.
  • Direct port intake design stabilises air flow for maximum performance.
  • Dual-ring oil control pistons significantly reduce oil introduced into the air supply.
  • Oil reservoir chamber provides relief for crankcase oil transfer and expansion.
  • Oil sight glass offers a quick visual check of crankcase lubrication.
  • High flow Swedish steel valves.
  • High flow long-life air filter with a replaceable element.
  • Deep finned heads dramatically reduce compressor operating temperatures.
  • Heavy duty roller bearings at both ends of the crankshaft.
  • Includes 3m of heavy-duty electrical cables.


  • Adjustable pressure switch.
  • Safety relief valve.
  • Compressed air reservoirs.
  • Complete system design and installation.

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