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Model Number Of Nozzles  Standard Water Flow  Max Water Flow  Max Water Pressure
    (l/min) (l/min) (psi)
HPDS-2 2 10 - 16 18 2,300
HPDS-4 4 20 - 28 30 3,650
HPDS-6 6 30 - 40 50 3,200

High Pressure Dust Suppression

Targeted dust control

The best high-pressure dust suppression system will clear the air, improve visibility, and create a safer breathing environment without electricity, diesel, large amounts of water or labour. The SmartFlow dust suppression system does all of this and more. Our technology sends high pressure water through its uniquely designed nozzles that creates atomised mist. This mist-like water attaches itself to even the smallest specs of dust and removes them safely before they leave the very spot where they are formed.


  • Very compact making it easy to install on just about any area of your machinery.
  • Heavy duty nozzles are placed directly on an attachment. This makes it possible to position and spray directly where dust is being formed.
  • Uses very little water while being more effective than machines that use large water volume. Reduces the need for large tanks and prevents mudding of the work surfaces.
  • Increased visibility by using high pressure mist with microscopic water droplets.
  • Powered by the hydraulics of your machine, no need for electric power, diesel engines or any external pumps.
  • Reduced labour costs by removing the need for additional staff to water down the working area.
  • Completely cabin-operated with joystick push button and switch.
  • High pressure microscopic water mist binds dust particles effectively.
  • No rotating parts improves the reliability and removes the need for separate lubrication or cooling.
  • Cooled and lubricated by the hydraulic fluid, making it safe to run dry for an unlimited length of time.
  • Self-priming, with up to 3m of suction head.
  • Linear water flow adjustable from 0% - 100% by controlling the hydraulic flow.


  • EXCAVATORS - Several nozzles mounted on the end of the excavator provide a very targeted mist when activated via a joystick button when needed.
  • LOADERS - Whether mounted on a bucket or a scraper, a fine water mist helps reduce dust pollution in open areas.
  • SWEEPERS - Nozzles spray a fine mist around active brooms, dramatically reducing the dust that is normally produced.
  • CRUSHERS - Mounted inside hoppers, crushing compartments or on conveyors, our high pressure system is the ideal accessory to your crushing operation.
  • SCREENS - With the use of high pressure low volume water nozzles, material is not saturated and blockages are prevented.


  • Retractable 20m hose reel with washing gun.
  • Machine-mounted water tanks.
  • Additional outlet nozzles.
  • Variable flow outlets.
  • Nozzle bars for crushers.

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