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Model Excavator Size Weight Jaw Opening Tip Force
  (ton) (kg) (mm) (ton)
F04 5 - 8 460 465 33
F07RD 7 - 10 680 530 45
F12RD 13 - 17 1,250 730 80
F18RD 18 - 25 1,990 825 101
F25RD 25 - 32 2,650 870 122
F230RD 33 - 45 3,070 950 131
F45RD 45 - 65 4,490 1,130 140
F70RD 65 - 85 6,430 1,250 194



Secondary Pulverizers

The adaptable groundwork solution 

Designed for high efficiency secondary demolition and concrete recycling, the Trevi Benne secondary pulverizer offers unmatched power and large jaw capacities. An optimised design to pick-up, crush, and separate rebar from concrete faster than ever before thanks to high-tip forces, a large jaw, and fast cycle times. The unique shape makes it extremely versatile for use on the ground, facilitating demolition of walls and vertical cement structures, pavement, and concrete slabs.


  • Heavy duty, wide jaws with exceptional closing force makes light work of crushing debris.
  • An open pass through lower jaw improves penetration and allows for efficient downsizing of material and rebar separation.
  • Hardened interchangeable teeth made of high wear resistant steel.
  • A heavy duty hydraulic cylinder mounted in reverse with complete internal protection of all hydraulic components.
  • Manufactured using Hardox steel ensures maximum wear resistance, durability and an increased lifespan.
  • Speed multiplier hydraulic valve reduces open and close cycle time.
  •  Individual interchangeable teeth reduce replacement costs and increase overall crushing efficiency.
  • Two interchangeable bucket style teeth mounted at the front helps with secondary work on the ground.
  • Serrated blades mounted at the rear of the jaw for efficient rebar and steel cutting.
  • An optional magnet kit is available for collecting ferrous material during demolition.

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